JuDO Rugby Ld

Training & Conditioning

Individual or team training

Using my extensive experience within sport itself, I’ve been able to contribute to the successful training of teams and individuals. My ethos is to connect and understand the athlete or team’s needs, which then gives me an opportunity to exact the necessary changes in the athlete(s).

I ask only one thing of any person who under takes the companied routines, Commitment.

My experience has been based on working with individuals from varied backgrounds, Rugby, Judo ,Rowing, Syncronised swimming, Football, Boxing, MMA. Some have represented there country on a professional stage.

Personal Training

Technique and motivation can help any athlete get more out of training session, pushing the individual to do the last gruelling set or assessing the athlete and adjusting their technique as they tire help maximise each training session.

Having a personal trainer ensure that each session is executed correctly and is inline with the programme and ultimate goal. While there is a lot of very good information available in this area there is still no comparison to working one-to-one with the individual.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength training is an integral part of almost any sport, with skill in the chosen sport being fundamental this often heavily supplemented with strength training to allow the athlete to become stronger, quicker, better balanced in the discipline which the compete in or practice.

Strength and conditioning can have great benefits, ensuring the programme is tailored to the goals will ensure the strength training will complement the selected sport and bring results in the optimal time. Strength and conditioning focusing on the wrong areas may otherwise still lead to benefits but not as desired for the particular goal.

Having trained a variety of athletes we work to ensure the programme is tailored to the individual and constantly adapted as the individual improves and goals are repositioned. This can also be applied across a team with groups of individuals having specific programmes for the needs of their part within the team.