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JuDO Rugby Ltd has been involved with 2 major projects, both of which have been recognised as innovations within the sector.

The Rugby Ngage Programme

The Ngage scrum machine is currently under Licence with 360 Coaching Ltd, who are a specialist rugby provider. Ngage scrum machine is a revolutionary piece of training equipment which enables learnt techniques to become learned.

This machine is specifically designed to help the athlete and coach understand the technical difficulties that individuals or teams may be experiencing by providing immediate feedback. As well as helping to improve player’s technique and core stability, the Ngage also is designed to improve player safety.

Please see YouTube video below which demonstrates the excellent features of the Ngage being used by Leicester Lions.

Below is a sample video of the Ngage machine.

Featuring Jason Allen – Director JuDO Rugby Ltd

For information on how JuDO Rugby can work with the Ngage to help your team please get in touch.

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Ju DO Rugby Programme

The second programme has been designed by Jason Allen (JuDO Rugby Ltd Director). This programme is designed to help players and coaches understand the techniques required to exact a positive outcome in the contact area. Using judo techniques this programme has already established itself as an effective tool in improving player safety and effectiveness at the contact area. This Ju DO rugby programme has already been used by Lichfield U13’s boys rugby team, Worcester Women’s RFC ( who have just won the premiership title for the first time in 20 years) and the programme been filmed on the Sky TV programme “school of hard knocks”.

Coaching Experience – Jason Allen

My coaching experience is largely based on my own personal experiences and coaching of athletes for the last 30 years.

I also clinically test all routines to get an understanding of the physical and psychological effects of these routines.

Currently I work within a number schools and colleagues delivering bespoke coaching and training packages. These are designed to enhance student educational standards and life skills within main stream working life.

I currently coach a range of individuals who have a wide variety of physical and personal needs.