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PEPS Coaching

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PEPS Coaching is an app for iPhone and Android to give training guidance and tips to coaches of young athletes.

PEPS stands for Physiological, Emotional, Psychological and Social.

Training guidance is broken down by age and characteristic; for each age category we highlight certain traits of students and their physiological, emotional, psychological or social makeup, and give tips to best enhance training and help the student develop a positive attitude and get the most from their sessions.

PEPS Coaching has been carefully designed to assist coaches or teachers with the ever changing demands of individual sports and athletic students. As each student progresses their needs will change as they mature; PEPS is an easy to use resource that can be used prior, during or after a session to help the coach or teacher adapt training to an individual’s needs.

Judorugby Ltd recognise that early years development of young people is essential to long term objectives being achieved.

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