JuDO Rugby Ld

  • Innovation

    Ju Do rugby programme

    The company invented the Ju Do rugby programme, designed to empower the athlete to make the correct decision at the contact area.

    Our ethos is to constantly test ourselves and the athletes, always looking to be different. Trying to find the edge for the team or individual.

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  • Health & Fitness

    Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning

    Training athletes 1-2-1 and developing conditioning programmes can be a huge benefit to helping individuals and teams progress in their sport.

    We have great experience of training a wide spectrum of athletes with many competing at the highest level.

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  • Innovation

    Ngage Programme

    Designed to help the athlete and coach understand the technical difficulties that individuals or teams may be experiencing, improve player’s technique and core stability.

    The Ngage also is designed to improve player safety by refining technique in a controlled environment.

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  • PEPS Coaching

    for iPhone and Android

    PEPS Coaching is an app for iPhone and Android to give training guidance and tips to coaches of young athletes.

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Here are some of our clients we are proud to work with.

  • British Judo

    British Judo

  • British Judo

    Rugby Football Union

  • Youth Offending Service

    Youth Offending Service

  • School of Hard Knocks

    School of Hard Knocks

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